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Photo Session | How to Prepare

Good afternoon!
Fall Mini Sessions are in full swing! What better time to share some tips & tricks to prepare for your family photo session.


Believe me, I have been on the other side of the camera with my family. In our eyes, it's completely chaotic and you leave your session wondering, did we even get one good photo?!

What to wear? First consider a few factors: What are you comfortable in? What colors do you want on a picture hanging in your house? Once you answer these two questions, start by picking something with a pattern. Maybe your daughter is going to wear a floral dress or your son is wearing a plaid shirt. Draw from these colors and leave the patterns to one outfit. Pick colors that compliment rather than match-y match-y. Still not sure? Take a look at my Pinterest board for some inspiration.

Plan to leave early for your session. I recommend arriving about 10 minutes before your session. I typically run my Mini Sessions back to back every 30 minutes.

Relax. Let me say this one more time.... relax. No seriously, I know how stressful it is to get your whole family clean, dressed, hair done & out the door [on time] for a photo session. Not only that, but then hoping everyone cooperates during the photo session. Let's have fun! I have 2 little kids of my own, so I know what you are going through. [Believe me.] We'll take a walk, run, spin or even make silly faces. I do light posing, preferring to capture how your family is right now. 

Bring treats. Is there something your toddler loves? Bring it along! A favorite toy, candy, treat, etc. Use this as incentive for after the photo session. For my daughter, she looooooves m&m's so we brought some for after our photo session. Worked great! She cooperated and then could have her treat when we were all done.


I hope these tips make it just a little easier going into your family photo session. XO