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Milwaukee Newborn & Family Lifestyle Photographer

for all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you…

My vision is capturing your family 'in the now'. To remember the little moments, the ones you'll look back on years from now... and smile remembering how your little one looked up to you - or - loved being twirled around by dad. The connection between you and your loved ones is what I strive to capture. I would LOVE to meet you and capture YOUR story, YOUR now.

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We have been to many photographers for our family photos and while they were all good, Katie was absolutely amazing! She captured so many beautiful pictures of my family and knew exactly where the best lighting was. My children are not always very cooperative when it comes to pictures but she just went with the flow and was able to capture their true selves and that is just priceless. We will definitely be begging her to take our family photos forever haha!
— Joelle
C (73).jpg