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Fall Activities | Apple Picking

It's Fall! My favorite time of year. Football, cold weather, the holidays....
Although it sure doesn't feel like fall here with 90 degree days, but I'll take it! Soon enough, it will be below zero. This past weekend we took the kids to an apple orchard near our house. If you can believe it....it was my first time picking apples. 

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We started out by tasting their famous donuts. [Which were to die for....and didn't help my diet in the least.] This gave the kids a chance to gain some energy before they ran up and down the rows of apple trees.

This is a great activity for families with kids of all ages. We spent just about an hour there walking around, picking apples and enjoying what they had to offer. From apples to donuts, what could be better? My only regret is not trying one of their caramel apples. Next time!

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Overall, this has to be a new fall favorite as we went home and made apple crisp for dessert.  What are your favorite apple recipes? Share them below! XO