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New Year | New Goals 2018

My last post was from October 18th, 2017!?! Busy season. I blame busy season. It's taken me a few days to adjust to the New Year. On New Year's Day, we took down all of our Christmas decorations and cleaned out clothes from both kids' dressers. Felt amazing.


As a new year begins, I wanted to share a few of my goals.

Stay Organized. With running a business and being a stay at home mom things can get a little crazy. This year, I'm hoping to keep up with everything and contribute more to this blog. My planner comes tomorrow [thanks Amazon prime!] and I'm excited to plan out the month of January.

Workout. This was a big one for me in 2017. I finally started this goal in July only to taper off in October when things got crazy busy. This year I'm committed to working out and eating healthier. Of course...we'll see how long this lasts. Right?!

Balance. This is always a goal as a parent. Take time to enjoy your family, work hard...and play hard.

365 Project. Last year was my first 365 project and I feel it helped me grow as an artist tremendously. This year, I want to tackle this again and add in self portraits once a week. If you know me, I don't like being in front of the camera because I feel awkward and don't know what to do. This year, I want to change. Be more confident. ;)

Thank you all for following along. Catch my 365 project on instagram at @katiebingen.

What are your goals for 2018? Share them below!